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Make money online, From comfort your own home

Make money online, From comfort your own home

Who doesn’t need bring in more income? Whether it’s through part time jobs or freelance work, adding more money for your cash flow is always pleasant. But sadly, not everyone has the time do additional work or to pick up another occupation. Don’t give up if that’s the instance for you. Turn to the one thing you likely spend a greater percentage of your time on: the internet

You'll find lots of ways to make money online quickly without too much of stress, to marketing products on Facebook or Instagram from selling unwanted things. Read through to find Easy ways to make money quickly through the internet.

1. Sell Your Stuff on eBay or An Identical Outlet

The Success and the remarkable growth of eBay has spawned many competitions featuring on-line markets for different things or auctions. Whether you need to clean out your wardrobe and sell your designer clothing online, or develop a high-volume online store, you may make money on websites including, and more.

2. Sell Old Electronic Equipment

Have you got a notebook, a pc or cell phone you no more use? Other technology things and these, although constructed with former generation characteristics, frequently have worth to others. You can make more money for yourself by selling these old electronic equipment on websites like olx, jiji, efiritin and lots more.

3. List Home Things on Craigslist

Free to join and devoid of selling or listing fees, Craigslist sales can be national or local. With this website, it is possible to record virtually anything for sale from kitchenware to infant furniture to services.

4. Online Tutoring

Websites like and will connect you with folks seeking help learning a subject, and you might maintain especially high demand if you’re great with mathematics, science or a foreign language. You must proceed through an application procedure, and when you’re approved you can begin making more money than you’ve ever imagined

5.Self-Release Kindle Digital Books

If you love to compose and believe you're able to compose an amusing fiction or nonfiction novel, contemplate publishing and authoring a digital book. Publishing these books on kindle will surely bring more money to your wallet.

6. Become a Freelance Writer

Have you got a love for writing? If bringing in cash by writing gets your blood going, there are many sites offering homework for seasoned and aspiring writers., are popular freelancing sites you can tap into to make more money.

7. Design Websites for a Fee

If you've got an interest or ability in web development, there's a huge need for designers to develop winning websites for organizations or companies. Websites like are an excellent spot to begin to locate customers and develop your portfolio.

8. Purchase Domain Names for Resale

Huge dollars have been made by a number of people by selling them to eager buyers and possessing desirable domain names. For the absolute minimum investment of purchasing domain names you feel will be popular (usually $10 to $20), you might make a huge profit selling it down the line.

9. Sell Crafts and Handcrafted Items

For people who like to make items that are handcrafted, sites for example Etsy are perfect to make some cash off of avocations that are such. Handcrafters that is committed should assess websites that are similar and Etsy to locate the best fit for their products.

10. Social Media marketing

Many leading retailers will pay you for marketing their companies on your own social and sites media pages. They will pay you for the assistance you have rendered.

11. Become an Amazon Associate

This system lets you make money by including affiliate links to different products made available from Amazon When a visitor sees your social or web logs media pages and clicks through the Amazon links in your website, you are going to get fees on qualifying products purchased during that session.

12. Become an Internet Life Coach

Due to the strong curiosity about quality of work and life -life balance issues, life coaches have gotten popular in the past couple of years. Unlike the intellectual demands to become an executive or specialized coach, life coaching can achieve success if you possess a reverence for family, common sense and a dedication to love life to the maximum every day and helping others do exactly the same.

13. Android apps development

If you design an extremely popular program (which is more difficult than it seems), you might be pleasantly surprised with the income they produce. Offering one or more programs at Android app store or the iTunes gives your developments broad exposure to prospects. And income can be generated by charging for developing and designing the app.

14. Discuss Your Knowledge

Have you got in depth expertise about any issue or a particular hobby? You could create a web site that offers your expertise to others for a cost, like charging for video lessons on horticulture or offering a music lesson. You will surely become extremely successful with this approach to earning money online or can make additional income.

15. Market Products, Companies and Services via Affiliate Systems

If you've got an internet site or website, it is possible to generate profits through associations with websites and other companies that may pay a percent of revenue you create for the affiliate business.

16. Earn money reading surveys

Would you love taking surveys? Some businesses will pay folks to take surveys so they can collect user data and precious consumer details. It might not be the best method to make money, however you can locate sites like that offer cash for the views you granted.

17. Create a Winning Site

Composing amusing, site posts that are fascinating can create cash for you through affiliate links, advertisements and other sales alternatives. Your blogging success will be based on your writing ability, whether your site covers a popular issue and the popularity of the links you include.

18. Buy and Resell Online

Another excellent way to make money would be to locate things locally which are low-cost or free, then offer them online. A lot of people look through local thrift stores for classic designs, rare collectibles or cheap as dirt publications or media to mark up and resell online

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your AdSense Website

Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your AdSense Website

Google Adsense is one of the most commonly used methods to make money online. However, most of the bloggers struggle when it comes to make a decent income with Adsense. This is primarily because they do not focus on the basics. To make money with Adsense only two things are required, getting traffic to your blog and then optimizing the blog for more clicks or earnings. Another mistake that bloggers often do is that they rely completely on organic traffic and do not explore other options. This can be quite risky. The recent Google ranking algorithm updates have raised an alarm among the bloggers worldwide. A number of websites that relied completely on Google traffic are now in deep trouble.In fact, relying on Google traffic can be one of the biggest mistakes a blogger can commit. This is because of the fact that Google keeps changing its algorithm and it is completely unpredictable. A better approach is to develop other sources of traffic to your website that are not affected by any algorithm update. This post explains the different methods to get traffic other than Google to boost your Adsense revenue.

Traffic from Social Media 

There cannot be two opinions that social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can provide a lot of traffic to a website. If you have viral content present on your website and it is marketed well through the social media, it can give thousands of visitors in few days. Most of the successful internet marketers are aware about the potential of social media in terms of traffic. An important thing to remember here is that the website should be shared with people interested in the niche of the website. For instance, if you are promoting a website related to tech niche, it is better to promote it in related groups on different social networking websites. It will provide better conversions or higher CPC in Adsense.

Make use of Free Classified Websites

Another easy technique to get visitors to your website is through the free classified websites like Craigslist. Make sure that you do not spam these websites otherwise your account may get banned leading to waste of time and efforts. Again, choosing the proper section is also important as it increase the exposure and visibility of the blog url. For instance, if you are posting on Craigslist, you should post under the "sm viz ads". There are a number of similar classified websites that can be used to achieve more traffic.

Blog Comments 

Another technique to get free and targeted traffic to the website is with the help of blog comments. Making comments on blogs of the same niche can provide useful and targeted traffic to your blog. The comments section has a url part too where you can add your website url. The requirement to succeed with blog comments is to make meaningful comments and post on a number of blogs regularly. Once you start getting good amount of traffic, the Adsense earnings will also roll up. Thereafter, you can tweak Ad placements to improvise the Adsense income.

Friday, May 6, 2016

How to Protect Google Adsense Account To Getting Disable

How to Protect Google Adsense Account To Getting Disable

Bloggers all around the world dream of owning a Google AdSense account as this is the only trustworthy program which bloggers can use to earn money through their blog or website and thus take care of all their website expenses. However though things look so easy, especially the part about earning money, it’s rather difficult to achieve through Google AdSense. One of the main reasons for this is that it is rather difficult to get an approved Google AdSense account. This especially applies to people from third world countries. While Google is unbiased and does not have anything against third world countries, statistics prove that most of the web spam, money tree scam, AdSense scams and other types of scams stem from these third world countries like Pakistan, Nigeria and India. This is why Google is so strict while accepting AdSense requests; Google AdSense executives carefully examine all third world country submission requests when compared to submission requests from first and second world countries.

AdSense working process

You may wonder why I am actually telling you all this. Well, if you want to save and prevent the cancellation, disabling or rejection of your Google Adsense account, you need to first thoroughly understand the Adsense ecosystem. The first thing you need to know is that Google AdSense accounts are not approved automatically by any computer program. In fact, it is the duty of the Adsense personal working at Google to manually accept or reject each request. So don’t think that you can use some black hat techniques to fool the Google AdSense request acceptance algorithm. Another important fact you need to remember regarding Google’s Adsense program is that Google is very strict about Adsense rules and policies. Don’t attempt to break any rule or policy which you had accepted to while requesting for Adsense approval lest you end up with an immediate disabling of your account. This leads to you losing all of your earnings. Once again, there is an important and legitimate reason for Google doing this.

Will Google pay me my Adsense earnings?

Very funny! This is a misconception most people have about the Google Adsense program. It is the general conception that whatever money they earn through the program comes through Google’s pocket when actually it doesn’t. Whatever they earn from their program comes from the ad publisher’s pockets. This means that the CPC amount mentioned in all the ads posted through Google Adsense by different organizations is divided into Google’s profits and the Adsense program users’ earnings. These calculations are made using the help of many complex mathematical formulas including important site information like the number of visitors your site receives every day, your page ranking and your webpage’s average page views. This thus implies that if you have a very famous and reputable website with a high page ranking with a good website traffic, you stand to earn much more through Adsense than others. Moreover, the ads with higher CPC are placed more often in reputable sites. Now that you have a rough understanding about the working of Google Adsense, here are the top 5 tips you should use to prevent your account from getting banned or disabled on Adsense. It’s important to know that Google Adsense permit only one registration per email-id and name and address combination. Attempting to use the same name and address on another account can lead to your getting banned.

Here are these important tips

First tip: Only one name and address

This is a very important tip that many people are not aware about. With this rule, in case you had previously created an account on Adsense and the account unfortunately ends up cancelled, banned or disabled, it’s no use trying to open a new account using a new email id but the same name and address. If you do this, Google will immediately reject your submission. In case your submission ends up rejected, do check Google’s highlighted points on the rejection mail and you can resubmit your request after you fix them. As it may require a few months to update any changes on Google’s server, it’s better if you re-apply after a few months.

Second tip: Keep on following Google’s rules

As mentioned earlier, Google has strict Adsense policies as Adsense not only helps you earn money but is also Google’s main source of revenue. While AdSense and adwords are connected, most people use Adwords as they know their ads will reach millions of websites using Adsense and thus reach maximum people. Adsense users who break rules also break the ad publisher’s trust wherein Google eventually loses its revenue, and Google will never tolerate this. So you can prevent the disabling of your Adsense account by keeping these things in mind while using Adsense on your site.

· Use only 100% unique content.
· Never post hacking, piracy, cracking software and other such related content.
· Don’t use copyrighted pictures; either create your own image or use royalty free images.
· Don’t ask friends to click on your ads.
· Don’t place more than 3 ads on a single page and don’t use other ad services if you use Adsense.
· Don’t click on your own ads or force anyone to do so. As Google uses sophisticated Artificial intelligence software, it can track your mouse’s pointer location on the page and based on its behavior, decide if the click is a fake or legit one.
· No posting pornographic material on the site.

Got some basic idea about Google Adsense Policies?


Third tip: Do not accept anything till you clearly read the terms.

This is very important while applying for Google Adsense programs as most people tend to just take a glimpse at software policies and licenses and click their acceptance. This shouldn’t be done with Google Adsense; take time to read the entire Terms and Conditions before acceptance.Once you click, visit your site to ensure it adheres to all the written terms. It’s guaranteed that if you follow this procedure, you end up with a 96% chance or a chance of your AdSense request getting accepted on the first chance. I guarantee you that your account will never get disabled if you keep following rules.

Fourth tip: No to Adsense money-making shortcuts

Don’t trust the many scammers out there claiming that you can earn thousands a month sitting at home if you work with them. Don’t believe them no matter what medium they use like email, Skype, flyer or whatever or what they say. Remember that money does not grow on trees and that you have to earn it. No one in this world will give a free dollar to anyone, so why do you think that you can actually steal money from the earth’s IT giant, Google? Don’t get fooled by anyone and if you find anyone falling for the scam, do warm them and help them out of it. You can earn good money form Google Adsense only if you work hard at your niche site for years. Read what the Head of Google Web Spam Team, Matt Cuts has to say about this.

Fifth tip: No manipulation of Adsense code.

You will find many tricks people use to manipulate Google’s Adsense code in black hat forums. According to whatever’s mentioned here, you can earn more by manipulating the code a bit. However I advise you to never attempt this as manipulating the Adsense code is an offense in the Google’s policy. You only risk disabling your account forever by doing this.

Invalid activity disabled your account? (Updated)

if your Adsense account has been disabled by Adsense Authorities and you wonder why they did that or what wrong you had done, I’ve written an exclusive post on How to Avoid AdSense Disabling due to an Invalid Click.

How to use AdBlocker Alternative Smartly (Updated)

As wrong alternative content can lead to the permanent disabling of your Adsense account, I suggests you smartly use the AdBlocker alternative in your website which shows alternative contents to users with Adblock on their browsers. I’ve also written a post on The Right use of Adsense Alternative Content which I hope will help prevent the disabling of your Adsense account and enjoy Adsense money.


In a nutshell, I feel that you should follow Google’s rules and the tips I’ve mentioned above to use Google Adsense without worrying about your account getting disabled. Now do you think there are other ways your account can end up disabled? Have you faced similar situations in the past? If yes, how did you go through them? Please use the comment section to share your experiences with me.